Creative Director. Brand & Experience Design.

Available for projects, talks & workshops.

Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington


Innovation Studio & Design Partner

Let's work together!
Making of Material Design

Documenting the origin of Google's new design language.

Direction, Content

Creating a sense of belonging for over one million subscribers.

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity

From a quiet mystery to a bold curiosity.

Brand Identity
Los Angeles
International Airport

Defining the passenger experience for global travelers.

Content Development, Strategy

Competitive gaming, anywhere.

UI Design, Brand Identity, Strategy
Rent the Runway

From a technology company to a fashion brand.

Brand Identity, Strategy

The interactive piano with a personality.

Experience Design, Product Design

For people that expect more from email business.

Brand Identity, Strategy, UI Design
Whole Foods Market

Earthling ambassadors with a secret message to deliver.

Experience Design, Strategy, Social
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Puppets? Puppets.

Content Development, Strategy, Social
Nike x Dazed

Audiovisual experiment powered by movement.

Experience Design
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Experimental showcase and toolkit for creative professionals.

Experience Design, Strategy

Influencer kit for game studios.

Experience Design
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Tour the Lab's mysteries & curiosities.

Product Design, UI Design
Undefeated x Casio

One part camouflage, one part scrambled porn.

Creative Experiment

Best local espresso, curated by award winning baristas.

Product Design, UI Design
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Things aren't always what they seem...

Content Development

Animated GIF photobooth.

Product Design, Creative Experiment

You can't play Foursquare without Kickball.

Product Design, UI Design, Brand Identity

Internet culture and what it memes (means?) to the world.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Push cheatin' boys into pools and stuff!

Content Development, Game Design

My first lighting design.

Space Ducks

A trailer for Daniel Johnston's latest project.

Content Development
Nike Chalkbot

Connecting people to the roads with new tools.

Experience Design, UI Design
Target x LOST Series Finale

For the fans!

Content Development, Social
Microsoft Internet Explorer

The browser you loved to hate.

Illustration, UI Design
Dodge Challenger

Lil' old lady hocks an antique photo of George Washington.

Content Development

Illustration of some of Xavier's choice dudes.


Happiness in Numbers, a scavenger hunt with a twist.

Experience Design, Event, Content Development
EA, Dante's Inferno

I'm going to hell.

Content Development, Social

The best kind.

Pattern is Movement

Two dudes, one band.

UI Design

Co-Founded a creative studio meets R&D lab.

Experience Design, Experiment, Strategy
New Math

Craig is a genius.

UI Design
Benadryl Storymaker

Create diorama re-enactments of stories big and small.

Experience Design, UI Design
A Little Piece of Happy

Make, curate and share your own Little Piece of Happy.

Experience Design, UI Design
Unblock Your Head

Bureaucratic redtape, pneumatic tubes, maze locks, math... Sudafed.

Content Development, UI Design
Backwards Publishing

Digital, independent publishing platform.

Product Design, UI Design
Rolaids Relief Man

The iconic Baseball award.

Brand Identity
Transformers 2

Web game & official wallpapers.

Content Development, UI Design Redesign

Dynamic, modern, playful.

UI Design