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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

Happiness in Numbers is a summertime scavenger hunt with a twist. Secret locations, hidden rewards and events that transform.

In partnership with GameStop, AMC movie theaters and Simon Malls we created a scavenger hunt with a twist: the more people involved, the greater the reward. Secret clues (iconic Coca-Cola bottles with a keyhole in the center) let participants know rewards could be found at that location or that a secret event was about to happen. To unlock basic rewards, like a free Coke, you only needed to check-in (like Foursquare). To unlock greater rewards: you had to work with others to solve puzzles and play with interactive installations.

Speculatively, we planned to launch special one-day events in major cities as a way to promote program and reward the masses. These events would start small and scale into something spectacular if enough people got involved. For example: Daft Punk would serve hotdogs on the streets of Brooklyn and surprise everyone with an exponential block-party. Lombard Street in San Francisco would be turned into a massive waterslide. A high school would transform into Xavier's School for the Gifted. Or! the pigs from Angry Birds would steal classic Coca-Cola ads in Atlanta and challenge everyone to game to win them back.