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The Taste Journey influencer kit was designed to get the attention of potential game studios in hopes of collaborating on an original title with Coca-Cola and Wieden+Kennedy.

In 2010, Adam and I worked to create a speculative game series for Coca-Cola. The story, art direction, sound design, and puzzle concepts were all in order. This wasn't another Yo! Noid or Cool Spot, but a proper game that needed an award-winning studio at the helm. At the time, we had our sights on Playdead. They had just released Limbo and we felt that their brilliant puzzles and storytelling matched our vision to a tee. Knowing that money doesn't always buy passion, we created this kit as a way to introduce the working relationship, our team, and Coca-Cola's involvement. Inside each box was a pop-up game manual, a game cartridge USB drive with hand-painted label, and a hand-drawn world map featuring the W+K ethos—Fail Harder.