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Mass: We Pray invites you and your family to commit heresy any day of the week!

Dante's Inferno, a video game loosely based on the Divine Comedy, had nine months until launch. And there happens to be nine circles of hell. So, naturally, the team released a new installation of the campaign Go to Hell each month. For Heresy, the sixth circle of Hell, we created a trailer for church simulator called Mass: We Pray. An official press release and trailer sparked the debate and the flock took it from there. Anyone visiting the website to pre-order the game or see screenshots would be damned to Hell for acts of Heresy and be shown the latest Dante's Inferno trailer. ;)

This campaign worked it's magic on the gamer community, spawning lots of press and a few original pieces of content like the Penny Arcade comic below. What follows that is a Christian protest we held at EA headquarters. It was my second day at W+K. I play the security guard...