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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

Just a Friend, an interactive music video and game for teenage girls & web developers (weird!) built with modern web technologies.

Internet Explorer partnered with Jasmine V, an up-and-coming pop star, to create a first-of-a-kind interactive music video with HTML5. The user is integrated into the experience through Facebook Connect, placing them in the shoes of Jasmine V's BFF (OMG!). During flashback sequences (a series of events leading to a breakup, ;( ), fans play twitch-like games which serve up a branching narrative depending on their performance. At the end of the music video, users could dial their phone number to receive a call from Jasmine. We pulled off a few implausible challenges, like real-time motion tracking with Javascript (OMG!), to create this surprisingly complex project. The source was published for developers and is available on GitHub, if you're interested in taking a further look.