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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington is an experimental showcase and toolkit built for creative professionals. Six interactive environments designed by different artists, each with a theme inspired by Microsoft's POV on the open web. is a creative introduction to the new Internet Explorer, which was rebuilt from scratch in 2012. This experience targets designers and technologists, a community that has abandoned IE due to its infamous history. The ultimate goal: change their perception of Internet Explorer (which is tied to IE6, a twelve-year old browser that came with Windows XP) and encourage them to create sites that support all modern browsers.

To do this, we started at the core: we developed six beliefs / brand principles that support the browser's mission: always challenge the expectations of the web. These six beliefs were turned into consumer-facing messages that told a short story. To deliver this story, we commissioned six influential artists to render a single message in their own medium. These artists didn't have experience with web development, so they brought a fresh POV on animation and interaction. Each piece of art was then turned into a high-performance experiment that showcased the IE's ability to render modern web technologies. Examples of our process and the final artwork from all six artists can be found below.