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Not Your Father's Browser is a ten episode mini-series that uses classic Internet Explorer memes to explain how much the new version of the browser has changed.

To help change this perception of IE, which is tied to the twelve-year old browser that came with Windows XP, we created a miniseries featuring a lame dad, played by Internet Explorer 6, and cool son, played by Internet Explorer 10. Ten episodes were shot using Vine, which was only available on the iPhone at the timeā€”an exciting point of controversy and conversation with media and press. As a finale to the series, we announced an anticipated feature of IE11 before the news leaked to the public. Which caused a second round of PR and props from the community.

As a result, the series saw over 5 million media impressions over the course of a single week. It also had the largest positive sentiment response compared to any other communication efforts put out by the brand at that time...