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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

The passenger experience for the Los Angeles International Airport—the largest immersive multimedia installation of any airport in the Americas—designed for millions of global travelers.

While at Digital Kitchen, we were commissioned to design the passenger experience for the Bradley International Terminal, a public space that has now been seen by millions. We developed key traveler insights that drove concepts in three distinct creative territories: destination cities, the distinct Fentress architecture and the iconic city of Los Angeles. I was responsible for directing and designing the stories that represent the city of LA to its natives, as well as newcomers from all over the world.

The output of my team was four immersive films. Two of the films focused on the pioneering sub-cultures of surf and skate. The other two stories brought to life the history of Hollywood through a short scene from a Film Noir and a modern romance where two lovers never meet. These stories unfold across a one-of-a-kind display called the storyboard—an eight screen display of unique shapes that resemble the process of narrative storytelling.