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Protobooth, a hacked-together animated GIF photobooth turned licensed IP. Proof that curious cultures breed new business.

Protobooth, the animated GIF photobooth, was built for the DK holiday party and engineered in a weeks time. After sharing the GIFs of that disastrous night Protobooth became a hit with the press, as well as brands. So we began evolving the platform for the public.

adidas Originals licensed Protobooth to bring their social campaign—#represent—to Lollapalooza in Chicago. We refined our technologies and setup for this event and quickly developed a simple sharing platform for tablets and mobile devices. Festival goers were able to share their photos via SMS, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest the moment the cameras fired. At this point, the only thing missing was a tangible take-away.

The most recent iteration took place around Halloween, during the Seattle Interactive Conference. The theme of the event was "Game Changers" which worked perfectly with All Hallows Eve. We created oversized masks and props that transformed event attendees into monster during the after-parties. As a take-away, everyone received a printed photo that animates when inserted into a custom sleeve.

Protobooth has been featured on The Creators Project, Design Taxi, Creativity Online, Ad Week, Hyperallergic, Anthology Magazine, and GeekWire.