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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

Rebranding Redscout, an innovation agency, from a quiet mystery to a bold curiosity.

Redscout is an inherently mysterious (confidential) agency founded by Jonah Disend, the visionary behind the curtain of many of the worlds top brands. The inspiration for the new visual identity came from the sophistication and credibility of Jonah mixed with the soul of the agency—the Scouts. These loyal strategists and designers are what sets Redscout apart from the rest of the industry (which heavily relies on freelance talent). The Scouts' diverse backgrounds, disciplines and unique methodologies—their hidden depth—build on each other to create an insightful process that informs their brilliant output.

In partnership with Franklyn, we created a new monogram, wordmark and iconography that symbolized the where, who and what of Redscout. When combined, these symbols create "tattoos" unique to each Scout. Representing their unique hidden depth, making the team look rightfully bad ass. The photography below shows the beautiful details and character of the office: behind-the-scenes, each Scout represented by their favorite objects, trophies.