Creative Director. Brand & Experience Design.

Available for projects, talks & workshops.

Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

Rent the Runway is an innovative service that gives women access to a fashion lifestyle that would normally be out of reach.

Within the walls of Rent the Runway is a tension between the desire to innovate through technology and their passion for the details of the fashion industry. We brought to life a new visual identity and brand promise that reflects the needs of the consumer and industry, as well as a means to grow a strong brand of their own. For the brand: we established guidelines for business growth, communications, model selection and styling, editorial tone and photography direction. For the identity: we designed a system that would allow for the strong personality of Rent the Runway to live alongside other brands—a wordmark and monogram, patterns and elements, that frame models and designs without getting in the way of their bold partners, such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Spade, et al.