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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

ROFLCON Summit is the west coast spin-off of the biennial convention of internet culture hosted at MIT, ROFLCON.

Hosted in 2011, ROFLCON Summit brought together the leading generators, preservers and advancers of internet culture so they could talk about where it’s all headed and what it means to everyone else. It was MC'd by Gabe & Max, hosted in the atrium of Wieden+Kennedy Portland. We managed, planned, designed, made and curated the whole event.

To promote it, we shot a series of promos (on an S-VHS camcorder) in the style of a heinous cable-access show. We also commissioned, curated, and designed a meme gallery—bringing to life the greatest hits of the internet. In addition, we made all posters, invitations, badges, visitor guides, and swag bags (which included goodies from local Portland companies like Panic Software and Jackpot Records, as well as a calculator watch that let you into the after-party).