Creative Director. Brand & Experience Design.

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Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

Visual identity, business strategy and app design for Stitch—an extraordinary email client that seamlessly integrates Linkedin and Salesforce.

Hothouse Labs has created Stitch, a world-class email app made for business professionals. Stitch seamlessly integrates LinkedIn and Salesforce in a very intutive way, making client relationships easier to manage and build from the ground up. Before this app was brought to market, I was asked to establish the brand strategy and visual identity. The brand positioning raises the bar for any competitor that enters the marketplace.

The brand mark is intentionally bold with a form that is sophisticated and inviting. Connecting @'s, the universal symbol of digital communication, illustrates the app's core function. The brand name is set in a bold typeface that's generally used in the high-end sports marketing and way-finding. Which brings action and power to the name, a unique approach in the tech category. The underlined 'S' represents the single Stitch needed to bring everything together. The photography on this page is for reference only, but best represents the tone of the brand. It pushes the idea that there's more to business than email or meetings—the act of making connections comes with travel, technology, and great conversations.