David Mikula

Radical Creativity
Happy Teams

Beloved Experiences

  1. Taking a year off. Resting, playing, learning the fundamentals of agroecology.

  2. Exploring what’s new in UE5 + working through concepts to de-clunk Web3 identity management.

  3. Opening a natural wine bar / game store, saving turtles / bees in the Hudson Valley.

  4. ︎

Directed award-winning products, games, and entertainment. 

Built conscious and sustainable experiences for influential companies, artists, and social movements.

Designed interaction models and concepts that power the modern web.

Directed films now archived by the Library of Congress.

Worked with the godfather of computer vision to develop full body AR lenses.

Personally challenged Jeff Bezos to save the planet.
Led greenfield innovation that fundamentally transformed orgs.

Developed performance and growth frameworks, and led organizational design for large teams.

Designed creative experiences that found a home in the MoMA archives.

Built silly and sentient robots, pianos, and artichokes.

Imagined the future of multi-ability sports and spectatorship in outer space.

Helped overturn unjust laws in New York state.

David Mikula is a design leader based in New York and Los Angeles.

For more than 16 years, he’s driven innovation and creative excellence for influential companies and social movements—turning nascent ideas into meaningful products and lasting change.

As a conscious leader, David’s approach is rooted in research and originality, which inspires teams to design experiences that are deeply relevant and accessible. To shape strategy, he nurtures a culture of feedback and accelerates progress by rewarding creativity, fidelity, and cohesion.

David has experience scaling happy teams, leading greenfield innovation, designing for immersion, building equitable systems, and unifying product with brand.

As an established public speaker, he presents on the topics of the importance of play, design ethics, and how to build creative confidence.

He’s a very friendly beardo, always open to a chat or beverage. Give him a shout.

david@mikula.co · @mikula