David Mikula

Creative Excellence

Happy Teams
Beloved Experiences

  1. Taking a year off. Resting, playing, learning the fundamentals of agroecology.

  2. Exploring concepts to de-clunk Web3 identity management—privacy, safety, permanence, and the ephemeral.

  3. Opening a natural wine bar, cafe, and grocery in the Hudson Valley.

  4. ︎

Led greenfield product development that transformed companies.

Built conscious brands and campaigns for influential businesses, artists, and social movements.

Designed interaction models and concepts that powered Web 2.0.

Directed films that are now archived by the Library of Congress.

Worked with the godfather of computer vision to develop whole body AR lenses.

Imagined the future of sports and spectatorship in outer space.

Personally challenged Jeff Bezos to save the planet.
Designed creative experiences that found a home in the MoMA archives.

Developed performance and growth frameworks, and led organizational design for large teams.

Helped ambitious leaders secure roughly $2b in funding over ten years.

Helped executives reinvent themselves and their businesses.

Reimagined CX across key categories like mobility, education, and healthcare.

Built robots with personalities that traveled the world.

Helped overturn unjust laws in New York state.

David Mikula is an innovative design leader based in New York. He’s known for shipping beloved experiences and nurturing radical creativity.

Over the last eighteen years, David has driven creative excellence for influential companies, artists, and social movements—at agencies and in-house.

David’s work is recognized for its relevance and accessibility; always bridging modern technology, media, and culture. As a conscious leader, his teams are naturally happy and high-performing—propelled by a vision that strikes a balance between impact and novelty.

He’s a very friendly beardo, always open to a chat or beverage. Give him a shout.

wtf@me.com · @mikula