Creative Director. Brand & Experience Design.

Available for projects, talks & workshops.

Brooklyn, New York & Seattle, Washington

David Mikula is a creative director that helps shape the ways people experience brands and organizations through strategy and design thinking. In short: he makes things human for humans.*

In the past twelve years, Mikula has received numerous awards for innovative digital and tangible products, marketing and experiences for notable brands like Nike, Microsoft, Sesame Street, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Wieden+Kennedy, Whole Foods Market, Foursquare, Digital Kitchen, Coca-Cola and Electronic Arts.

Being a self-taught designer, technologist and competitive gamer from the Internet's golden-age: Mikula fits into the rare category of specialists that learned, as a teenager, how crucial experiments and exploits are in helping people affect the world around them using technology. He did this through doing, rather than through observing.

Aside from his work, he applies his learnings through teaching and public speaking and is a contributor of the EFF and ACLU. In his spare time, Mikula plays pinball, sails and attempts to build a new internet from scratch. If you’d like to help or have projects to collaborate on, send him an email. He'd love to hear from you.

* Human Experience Design is the orchestration of many disciplines to produce informed, tangible outputs that have an immediate positive impact on the interaction between organizations and people (customers, users, et al).

It has a familiar process—organize (research, insights, vision), innovate and communicate—but usable outputs begin to happen within three to twelve months. and it comes in the form of original products, services and communications for select audiences. The result, similar to a living lab, informs continued research and eventually shapes bigger ideas. Human Experience Design aims for scalable behavior change, wealth, creativity in business, etc.

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